Winn Feline Foundation Overcoming Adversity: Understanding the Health and Welfare of Orphaned Neonatal Kittens

This webinar will present ongoing research at the University of California-Davis which aims to better understand the health and behavior of orphaned, neonatal kittens. From this research, we hope to gain insight into the importance of maternal care across species, while also improving our understanding of the best ways to care for orphaned kittens.   […]

Shelter Playgroup Alliance Shelter Behavior and Enrichment Conference

Join us a day before the SPA 2021 Shelter Behavior and Enrichment Conference for a special option on Thursday, May 20, 2021. Immerse yourself in feline behavior during a full day deep dive with Mikel Delgado, PhD.  Mikel is a cat behavior consultant and co-founder of Feline Minds. Mikel’s deep knowledge and expertise in feline behavior will include the following topics: […]