Press and Public Speaking


I’m happy to talk to the press about cat behavior, animal cognition, or my research. The full list of interviews and press coverage of my work can be found here. Here’s a sample.

New York Times, 2019 “Does Fluffy really want to be an adventure cat?”

Science Friday, 2019 “The secret life of pets.”

Wired, 2020 “Will your cat eat your corpse?”

Ologies, 2019 “Felinology.”

The Atlantic, 2019 “Why we think cats are psychopaths.”

Washington Post, 2016 “How to keep your cat from losing its mind.”

BBC News, 2015 “Is a cafe full of cats the cure for stressed-out workers?”

National Geographic, 2018 “Why you’re probably training your cat all wrong.”

Newsweek, 2016 “How to prevent your cat from getting bored and fat.”

PBS Nature, 2018 “A squirrel’s guide to success.”

Public Speaking

My speaking engagements have included: the Feline Science Symposium, Cat Camp, the San Diego Museum of Natural History, the Exploratorium Museum of Science, the Purina Better with Pets Summit, and the Northwest Cat Behavior Conference.

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