Do cats have friends?

I'll be speaking about feline relationships at the Basepaws online Cat Behavior Summit happening on October 10th & 11th! Featuring talks on medicating your cat, helping senior cats, feline obesity and much more!! Registration is $10 for two days of amazing content, with all proceeds going to the Chris Griffey Memorial Feline Foundation (

Annenberg Pet Space

I'll be giving a talk on the Science of a Happy Cat - on the interwebs, sponsored by the Annenberg Pet Space! It's free to attend and you can register here!

Association of Pet Behaviour Counsellors Virtual Cat Conference

This virtual cat conference will cover cat health and behavior...from kittens to geriatrics. I'll be speaking on multi-cat households, and there will be several fantastic speakers including Dr. Lauren Finka and Celia Haddon. Details to register here!

The Pet Professional Guild presents Geek Week!

I'll be presenting my talk "Peaceable Kingdom: Using Feline Science to Increase Success of Multi-cat Households" at this year's Geek Week conference! Four days of behavior professionals discussing companion animals, hosted by the Pet Professional Guild. Details and registration here.

Winn Feline Foundation Overcoming Adversity: Understanding the Health and Welfare of Orphaned Neonatal Kittens

This webinar will present ongoing research at the University of California-Davis which aims to better understand the health and behavior of orphaned, neonatal kittens. From this research, we hope to gain insight into the importance of maternal care across species, while also improving our understanding of the best ways to care for orphaned kittens.   […]

Flip the Lip – Your Cat’s Dental Health

I'll be hanging out with Basepaws on Instagram Live: Wednesday, February 17 to discuss how you can gently and effectively get your cat used to being handled for tooth brushing and other medical needs. Part of a whole week of talking about cats and dental care!!

Cat Friendly Homes Redesigned

I'll be part of a panel discussion hosted by Basepaws about cats and humans sharing their homes -- and meeting everyone's needs! You can register at:

2021 National Animal Welfare Conference

I'll be co-presenting with researcher Courtney Graham: we'll be discussing our respective research on early life experiences and stress responses in kittens.

Shelter Playgroup Alliance Shelter Behavior and Enrichment Conference

Join us a day before the SPA 2021 Shelter Behavior and Enrichment Conference for a special option on Thursday, May 20, 2021. Immerse yourself in feline behavior during a full day deep dive with Mikel Delgado, PhD.  Mikel is a cat behavior consultant and co-founder of Feline Minds. Mikel’s deep knowledge and expertise in feline behavior will include the following topics: […]

If Cats Could Talk…Webinar hosted by Basepaws

I'll be speaking about signs of pain in cats, and how you can establish a routine of dental care with your cat. Hosted by my friends at Basepaws!! The event is free and there will be time to answer your questions!!

CAT CAMP! Human vs Cat: When Litter Box Problems Cause a Rift

I'll be speaking with my good friend Jackson Galaxy on Saturday, August 7th, at 10 AM Pacific/1 PM Eastern. To live with a cat is to embrace compromise. In no area of the home is that clearer than the litter box. Cat guardians will try almost anything to avoid “living with the litter box” - […]


Using science to build a better relationship with your cat

I'll be speaking as part of the Animal Behavior Society's FREE Public Day on Saturday, August 7th. Prerecorded talks will be available throughout the day, and I will be part of a LIVE panel discussion at 2 PM Pacific/5 PM Eastern. On August 7th, you can access all the amazing talks and the panel here: […]