Clicker Training Workshop with Smalls for Cats

Interested in learning how to train your cat? I'll be covering what exactly positive reinforcement and clicker training are, and how you can use them to help your cat! Whether you'd like to know how to train your cat to let you trim their nails, or jump through a hoop, I'll go over what you […]


Kitten Lady & Friends

I'll be talking about cat behavior with Hannah Shaw (aka, the Kitten Lady). The episode debuts, and then will be archived, at the Royal Canin YouTube page:

Basepaws Live Q&A on Instagram

I'll be answering your cat behavior questions with my friends at Basepaws! Tune in at

Jackson Galaxy’s Cat Camp at Home

Cat Camp is going virtual in 2020! Tune in on September 26th. I'll be speaking on a panel about feline wellness with Cat Camp host, Jackson Galaxy. Registration is FREE!!

UC Davis 2020 Fall Symposium

I'll be speaking about current feline behavior research, and presenting with Dr. Melissa Bain about environmental enrichment for cats! Register at:

Do cats have friends?

I'll be speaking about feline relationships at the Basepaws online Cat Behavior Summit happening on October 10th & 11th! Featuring talks on medicating your cat, helping senior cats, feline obesity and much more!! Registration is $10 for two days of amazing content, with all proceeds going to the Chris Griffey Memorial Feline Foundation (

Annenberg Pet Space

I'll be giving a talk on the Science of a Happy Cat - on the interwebs, sponsored by the Annenberg Pet Space! It's free to attend and you can register here!

Association of Pet Behaviour Counsellors Virtual Cat Conference

This virtual cat conference will cover cat health and behavior...from kittens to geriatrics. I'll be speaking on multi-cat households, and there will be several fantastic speakers including Dr. Lauren Finka and Celia Haddon. Details to register here!